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YOU, the next best selling author in 2019?

“New York Times” Best-Selling Author And World's #1 Ghostwriter Reveals His Effortless Book Publishing System Anyone Can Follow To Create A Passive Income, Instant Authority & Massive Success Generating Book In 90 Days!

Failed book author? Struggling business owner? Job hater? Read on to discover how you can effortlessly become the next highly paid author, FIRE YOUR BOSS and create a 6 figure business in the next 90 days!

Learn from the WORLD’s #1 best-selling book publisher, highest paid ghostwriter & PASSIVE INCOME strategist how to easily publish a book and make a living from it so you never have to work at your dull job again!

Michael Levin Quotes

From: Michael Levin - "New York Times" Best Selling Author
Date: 9:37 Friday Morning

Dear Friend and Future Best Selling Author,

Many of my celebrity clients and best selling author friends will agree when I say, "There is simply no other way in which you can become a highly credible 'super star' overnight in any industry faster or easier than to publish a book with your name on the cover!".

If you've been thinking you need a book for your business or thinking of starting a new business that creates passive income but don't know where to start or think it's all too much hard work, then my Effortless Authorship course will show you how to author and publish your own book without any of the 'usual' big costs or hard work.

Anyone, And I Mean Anyone Can Write A Book And Become An Instant Success!

Over the last 20 years in the business, I've refined a system for authoring and publishingbest-selling books that is so simple, anyone, with any level of education can understand and implement.

The result will be a book you can use to generate life-changing results to your existing business, to create a business out of scratch or simply as a launch-pad to becoming a highly-paid writer. Whatever your end goal is for your book, my system will work for you.

Even if you hate writing, can't write or don't think you've got a book in you, when you follow my system you will see how you can get your own book out there working for you easier than you ever thought possible.

I call it my "Effortless Authorship" system. I'll explain more about it later, but before I get into the nitty-gritty details of what my course contains and what it will do for you, allow me to introduce myself.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Michael Levin"Hi, I'm Michael Levin. That's me to the right. I'm proud to say I've written, co-written, edited or created over one hundred books - eight of which have been national best sellers and one "New York Times" best seller!

Five of my published works have been optioned for film or TV, by Steven Soderbergh/Paramount, HBO, Disney, ABC, and others. One of my own novels became "Model Behavior", an ABC Sunday night Disney movie of the week.

I have published three novels and two works of nonfiction with Simon & Schuster, Random House twice, St. Martin’s Press, Beacon Press, five books with Penguin, two novels with Putnam/Berkley, Wiley, and many other houses.

Here are a few book reviews I've recieved about some of my previous works...

Reviews Of Some Of Michael Levin's Books

"Outrageous...passionate...funny...entertaining...satirically amusingly complex that one can't help getting caught up by its machinery."
- The New York Times, Christopher Lehmann-Haupt

"Levin's verbal humor glistens."
- The New Yorker

"Lively with theindignation of a bright young man whose time has been wasted."
- The Washington Post

"You needn't have attended law school to fall in love with The Socratic Method."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Levin satirizes as effectively as Calvin Trillin and Kingsley Amis."
- People Magazine

"A marvelously complex plot...A thoroughly good time."
- The New York Times Book Review

"Irresistible...It's hard not to get caught up in the frenzy."
- Los Angeles Times

"The plot lines are ingeniously and meticulously drawn."
- Cleveland Plain Dealer

"A master of complex plotting"
- Booklist

On top of all that I have ghostwritten dozens of books for celebrities, sports stars and successful business owners all around the world to help them enhance or establish their name as the expert in their industry while incorporating passive income streams for them inside the book.

Testimonials From Michael Levin's Clients

“Michael Levin’s BusinessGhost, Inc. is the most trustworthy provider of ghostwritten books in America.”
— Michael Gerber, best selling author of the E-Myth books (more than 5 million copies sold)

“Michael is the uber-ghostwriter.”
— Marketingguru Jay Abraham

“He is so good at what he does that by the time I finished reading his reasoning behind his suggestions I was feeling a little sheepish about why I hadn’t thought of that myself! Thank you Michael for making my best efforts even better!”
— Zig Ziglar

“You’ve been the consummate teammate through the whole process of writing this book.”
— Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield

Doug Christie

As you can see, I have quite the resume! That's because I love books and I have been able to use them to stack up all these credentials over the past 20+ years in the book business.

If you're a writer then looking at these feats might leave you star-struck, but if you're not, it doesn't matter because you're probably still thinking, "That's great Michael, but what does all this have to do with me?"

And I'm glad you asked because this has everything to do with you if you want to be successful like I am but want to cut out all the challenges I've had to face over the past 25 years.

I just wanted to show you what I've been able to accomplish myself and for other so you know that:

A)I know what I'm talking about when it comes to writing books, and
B) How having your own book can change people's lives, even yours.

Authoring A Book Will Change Your Life!

When you write your book - and it can be about anything - the book of your life, the book no one else on the planet could possibly write – your whole life changes.

You see your purpose as never before. New opportunities will present themselves out of the blue, new customers, clients and future business partners will track you down. And if you don't have a business, a business will almost magically create itself around the book.

People will come to you and wave their credit cards at you. They’ll want you to speak. They’ll want you to consult. They’ll want you to show them personally "How You Did It".

It will change your life - I can promise you that. I have seen it in my own life and I've seen it in my clients life. I have made millions for myself and my clients and my success rate is 100%.

Every book I work on, whether it's mine or my clients's is a success. I make sure it is.

You might not realize this but books don't just magically become a success by themselves. Planning, along with a few 'tricks of the trade' goes into making sure every book I touch is a success. Those tricks are what makes my system so powerful.

Finally Escape The Rat Race!

Sick to death of working in a dead-end job? Wishing for that day when you can finally escape the rat-race? Well that day is sooner than you think because being a successful author is how you can get the lifestyle you always dreamed of.

I know because I was where you were and writing books is how I got to be my own boss. And I've helped hundreds of others achieve freedom and success too.

Can you imagine what it's like when you can finally tell your boss that you quit and work on your own terms? I know exactly what it's like. You get to work when you want to, take time off when you want to, wake up when you want to  (throw away your alarm clock!), and live your life as you want to. No angry bosses to answer to, no depressing job you dread having to go to every morning.

Being 100% in control of your own life is the best feeling in the world and I want you to experience it too.

Now I'm not saying that just becoming an author will set you up for life. Anyone can become an author, but not everyone can be successful and make money from their books. That's where I can help you not only with publishing books easily, but also how to make money from your writing so you never have to work at a normal job again.

Sure, I Can Help You Write A Book That Will Pay You For Life - But It Will Cost You $13,000?!

Apart from all the 100 odd books that I've written, edited, co-authored, created and ghost-written, I also offer personal coaching and mentoring to a handful of wealthy and successful business people and celebrities on developing and using books to help them reach even greater levels of success.

I typically charge $6,500 for six months of coaching where I personally take my client by the hand and run them through the process of how to create a best selling book that will help them establish more credibility, generate more business opportunities, and earn passive income from hidden revenue streams inside it.

My clients have told me many times that my system is genius. Well I don't know if I'd go that far, but I must be doing something right because they keep coming back to me and I get new clients all the time.

I believe it's because their books that I help them create, get the results I say they'll get. That is; build instant credibility, creating a calling card, add passive revenues streams, take them from a "no-body" to celebrity stats literally overnight, all of which opens the flood gates to a whole new world of opportunity.

And the same could happen for you - no matter what level of success you're at, what business you're in, (or no business at all), what your level of education is, your background, ethnicity, current income - nothing matters because I believe I can help anyone, even you, find the successful life and career you're looking for by publishing a book.

The only problem is that there is only one of me and hundreds of people who want my help. I simply don't have enough time to coach everyone personally and teach them my system.

That and not everyone can afford the $13,000 a year celebrity price tag for mentoring with me one-on-one.

Problem solved.

In the summer of last year, I sat down and did a massive "brain-dump" where I extracted every last thing I could from my brain about my system for publishing best selling books, and organized it into an easy to follow home study course.

You can not only learn the exact system for publishing best sellers I teach all my high paying clients, but you can get it for much less than $13,000.

Introducing my...

"Effortless Authorship" Home-Study Course - A Step-by-Step Book Authoring, Publishing & Monetizing System

Effortless Authorship

My Effortless Authorship home-study course will teach you systematically exactly how to become the author of your own successful book in the shortest time possible, while avoiding the usual hard work and heavy expenses normally associated with writing and publishing.

If you've always wanted a book but hate the thought of having to work hard and pay through the nose for it, this is how you can go straight to reaping the benefits of being an author of a best seller!

You’ll not only learn the insider secrets that only I and a few other successful authors know about effortlessly writing books that become best sellers, you'll learn also how to create money streams inside your book that will enhance your business or create a business out of thin air so you never have to work at your boring 9-5 job again!

Order now!

Hate Writing? Don’t Think You've Got It In You? This Course Smashes Those Excuses And Makes It Easy For ANYONE To Publish A Book And Reap The Benefits!

The biggest problem people face whenever the thought of writing a book enter's there mind is that they think it's a "huge job" and they doubt that they can do it because they aren't a writer.

Let me tell you, that it is hard if you go about it the 'normal' way.

The 'normal' way is that you write every word yourself and when it's finally finished, you take it to a publishing house and hope they don't reject it, or you pay an agent big bucks to get it published and marketed and so on and so on. If all goes well, 12 months down the track your book finally hits the shelves and you cross your fingers people will buy it. No wonder people get put off.

Well my friend, let me enlighten you by telling you that the old days of typing like a mad man, slaving over your keyboard for weeks on end, talking with impatient publishers and hefty costs is over. I know because when I got started, that's how it was. But thank goodness, it's different now!

Welcome to the new age of effortless book publishing! The age where anyone can publish a book and make it a huge success! I teach you how this new system works and how you can do it too. If you've seen enough already, hit the order button to get started now!

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5 Reasons Why My System Really Is Fool-Proof

If you think the process of writing is the hard part - it’s not. The truth is, you don’t even need to actually "write" a word to create a book. I teach you the process for making the ‘writing’ part truly effortless.

Don’t know what to write about? That’s not a problem either. I teach you what to write about and how to write it, chapter by chapter so you don't have to worry about the dreaded "writer's block" or anything else getting in your way of zooming through your book.

Think it costs a lot of money to publish a book? The 'old' way of doing it can cost thousands - for many reasons - but if you do it the way I show you, you'll get everything done for a fraction of the 'usual' costs - and it's much less work too.

Think getting on the best seller's list is hard? I have some tricks up my sleeve that will send your book straight to the top 100 best sellers list with hardly any effort on your part.

Don't know how to monetize your book? I've got you covered there too. I'll show you several different ways to create simple passive income streams regardless of whether you have a business already or not.

In short, I'm showing you everything you need to know to get your book written, generate ideas if you don't have any yet, get it published, sell it and make money with it as quickly and painless as possible.

Effortless AuthorshipIf you already have a business, this will be your instant ticket to new opportunities, increased authority and higher revenue. If you don't have a businessyet, this can be a way to kick-start one.

Writing your book the Effortless Authorship way will let you have a leverage tool to get you where you want to go with the least amount of effort, work and investment possible in the shortest time possible.

Any question you could possibly have about writing and publishing a book and have it generate income opportunities for you are answered in my 14-part home study audio course.

You're About To Discover All This And More As The Next "Effortless Author"

The problems with conventional publishing methods and why you shouldn’t waste your time with them

How to get your books on the market quickly, ready for sale without the need of an agent or conventional publisher for less than $500

How to get your book found on top online sites such as, Barnes and Noble website and more

The hands-down easiest way to write a book by being your own “ghostwriter” (hint: this involves you not writing even one word!)

The kind of "mind set" or mantra you must have when you ‘write’ your book that almost guarantees people will love it and will rave about it and how to get it

Why and how to plan your book to guarantee it will be EFFORTLESS for you and great for business by setting up your readers to become life-long customers

What time-wasting things to avoid in your book that will save you days even weeks and give you a more professional edge

How to CAPTIVATE your readers in the very first chapter of your book so they cannot put it down until they read it all

The exact formula for constructing your book, chapter-by-chapter depending on your purpose for it i.e. “a best seller”, “income generator”, “positioning tool” etc.

What to write about in each chapter to keep your readers interested while hypnotically turning them into fans of your product, service or you! I tell you the formula that works like clockwork so you don't have to guess.

How to make your readers fall in love with you by sharing your ‘plan’ for them which also helps you sell more stuff

How to strategically insert passive profit streams inside your book so you can get paid for years - regardless of whether you already have a product to sell or not!

The message you must express in your final chapter so the reader is completely satisfied yet still hungry for more help

How NOT to end your book that could cause irreversible damage to your business and credibility (I see a lot of authors doing making this mistake!)

How you can leverage your book to increase your positioning and boost your business even more if you’re already a known figure in your market

How you could end up getting on FOX news, MSNBC, The Late Show or any other top network TV show

My dead-easy 5 minute strategy to get authorities in your industry to give you a "blurb" about your book which you can use on your back cover. Any successful author knows that blurbs from celebrities sky-rocket sales!

My two personal most highly recommended print on demand companies that are not only super affordable but deliver the best quaility and service I've seen

5 ways to test a print on demand company to see if they’re worth doing business before you commit to them

One very expensive mistake to avoid when using a print on demand service

Why people really do “judge a book by its cover” and what you should and shouldn’t put on your cover. Most authors get this wrong too!

How you can save hundreds of dollars on your cover design and get eye-catching, professional covers made for you for $100 or less

Some dead-simple and affordable, even FREE WAYS to generate "buzz" about your book as soon as it goes on sale. Unless you have a hige advertisign budget, not doing this could see your book coming off the shelves as soon as it hits them.

Why getting book reviews is a big waste of time! There are easier and more effective ways to publicize your book... and you'll sell more copies!

What money and time wasting advertising channels to avoid that most authors fall for. This tip alone will save you thousands of dollars!

Why and how you need to focus on your business and use your book to drive business -- not let the book drive you crazy

4 simple yet powerful ways to leverage your newly published book to generate more sales, business deals, even a big time book publishing deal!

And a much, much more!

When I sat down and created this study course from the knowledge I had stored up over the last 20 years, I poured my whole heart and soul into it. Nothing is left out. I made sure I included every last detail I could think of. This is everything I had to learn the hard way, but now you don't have to.

Order your copy now

When you click the order button and purchase my Effortless Authorship study course, you'll be taken to my secure private membership website area, where you will receive instant access to the main 14-part Effortless Authorship course audio tracks to discover all the above secrets and more.

But that’s just the tip of the ice-berg. There is a mountain of invaluable bonuses included that reveal even more juicy secrets...

You're Also Going To Get Six Steaming Hot Additional Bonus Courses!

Bonus 1: “How to Organize & Write your Book!”
Audio Lesson & eBook (PDF)

Don't even try to start your book without listening to this first! In the first 5 minutes you will learn why most people fail before they even start and how you can avoid it.

You'll also learn how to use your brain to make writing a cinch i.e. what the right and left sides of your brain do and when to use them. Most people don't know this but when you know it, it makes everything so much easier.

Bonus 2: “Getting your Book Published Online!”
Audio Lesson & eBook (PDF)

Listen to this before you even think about publishing your book as it will save you hundreds of dollars and days or even weeks of wasted time!

In this lesson I reveal my two favorite online publishing services that I have used and recommend to all my clients. I take you through the whole set up process step-by-step so you never feel left in the dark.

Bonus 3: “Book Marketing Library”
3 Audio Interviews with specialized book marketing experts

Once you have your book ready for sale, you're going to need to market it in order to sell it. I interview 3 book marketing experts, each covering the best marketingstrategies you can use for success too.

  1. “Online Book Marketing & Social Networking to Sell Your Book”,

  2. “Google AdWords”,

  3. “How to Get your Book into a Bookstore”.

I thought  I knew a lot about marketing books - but after doing these interviews, even I was shocked at some of the tricks they shared with me to make these methods work like gangbusters. You get to learn them too on the recordings!

Bonus 4: “How to Get a Book Deal with a Top New York Publishing House”
Audio Lesson with Sample BookProposals (PDF)

Can you imagine what doing a deal with a New York publishing house could do for you? Trust me, if this happens, your life will never be the same. I reveal how you can do it.

The audio explains the process but the real kicker is that I provide you with an actual template of a sample proposal you can customize to suit your book. Remember, I have published dozens of books with huge publishing houses all across the country, and this is a copy of the exact same proposal letter.

This bonus is easily worth the entire cost of the course but you get it at no additional cost.

Bonus 5: “Nine Ways to Monetize your Book”
eBook Manual (PDF)

As I mentioned earlier, a book is the ultimate way to get known, get instant credibility and drive business through the roof. That's the real reason business owners and celebrities write books.

I'll teach you 9 simple ways tomonetize your book that work regardless of if you have a business or not. In fact, using these methods will magically create a business and put money in your pocket out of thin air!

Bonus 6: “The Most Expensive Mistakes Self-Publishing Authors Make”
Audio Interview with Dan Poynter, Author of "The Self-Publishing Manual on Jump-starting Your Book, Accelerating your Success"

Just as a safety cushion, so you don't end up falling flat on your face I've got you covered with this interview with Dan Poynter who reveals the most expensive mistakes self-publishing authors make. You'll learn things you would have never thought of that you must avoid to concrete your success.

He and I have each been in the trenches for decades so you can learn from our experiences what not to do so you can avoid losing money and have the best book you can.

Plus several other unannounced bonuses in the members area!

The bonus courses I'm throwing in here alone are worth several times the price I'm asking for the whole package. I've packed as much value into this offer as I can so you will walk away with everything you need to know about effortlessly publishing a book and monetizing it.

Everything You Need To Be The Next Best Selling Author in 2019 Is Here!

The main 14-part audio Effortless Authorship course, along with the bonuses is your sure-fire recipe for hitting it out of the ball park with your own book, the easy way. I'm even sure you'll enjoy listening and going through the course content as I think my unique writing style comes in the way I speak.

I would hope that having had several best sellers, speaking at high-ticket seminars around the country and consulting celebrity clients is testament that I have a certain talent with words.

CDThe content is concise but I cover all theimportant tricks, tips and insider info while making it easy to digest at the same time. If your experience is anything like my other customers, you will really enjoy going through every lesson in the course and be hungry for more!

All Audio lessons and PDF files are accessible in a secure members area on our website. As soon as you order, you'll be redirected to a registration page to create your private account and as soon as you login, you'll have all the lessons material and bonuses right there.

You can listen to the Audio lessons right from the members area or download them and put them on your ipod or MP3 player, or burn to a CD to listen to in your car.

The PDF manuals and resource files are all there too for easy download access. You can view them on your computer screen or print them out for easy reading at your own leisure.

When I say there is nothing left out, I mean it. I leave no stone unturned. I have already helped hundreds of people, not just celebrities and business moguls reach greater levels of success, but regular people like you and me turn their business and life around by teaching them his effortless authorship system in offline workshops andcoaching programs.

Now it's your turn! Click the order button to get started!

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But Don't Just Take My Word For It

Just take a look at what my customers are saying about my course:

"Effortless Authorship" is the total package...

"EffortlessAuthorship" is the total package when it comes to writing for passion and profit. Michael Levin has managed to "box" what many people promise and deliver it in a clear, concise, actionable formula anyone can implement.

Michael is "the writer’s writer" and with his "Effortless Authorship" program he helps people share their message with the masses--better, faster, and easier than just about anyone out there. It’s the formula for virtually overnight credibility and enhanced visibility in your market and more.

Spike HumerSpike Humer
Business Growth Acceleration Expert

"A crystal clear picture of how to go about creating a best-seller"

"What you've put together here Michael, truly is the most comprehensive, simple to follow course I've ever seen on how to become a highly-paid author in the minimum amount of time, with the minimum amount of effort - and I've bought many in my time.

You've truly over-delivered on value as I see you've covered everything this is to know on the subject. After going through your Effortless Authorship course, I have complete confidence and a crystal clear picture of how to go about creating a best-seller, not just once, but every time, because your formula is just so well refined.

Your expertise,professionalism and "magic with words" really shines through. The lessons are not only highly educational, but also very entertaining. I highly recommend your course to any business owner or stuggling author who is looking to establish a greater presence in his or her industry, and do it quickly. You've really made it easy for anyone to do just that."

James Brown
Internet Marketing Consultant

"My perception on everything changed!"

"I've always known that having a book is a sure-fire way to "instant celebrity status" but I didn't know how easy and affordable it actually is when you do it the way you teach in your Effortless Authorship course!

I used to think that books were for "writers" who spent months on end hunched over their keyboards and did nothing else until their book was finished. And I didn't even want to think about how much publishing would cost. But after going through your course - my perception on everything changed!

You really have simplified every aspect of the book publishing process, from writing to marketing. Thank you Michael for showing "the rest of us" how to take the pain out of book publishing. I guess I was highly under-educated but now I and a lot of people are going to finally be able to write and publish books to grow our business and create income streams with ease. You really have made it effortless."

Stuart StirlingStuart Stirling
Internet Marketing Expert

You really can't lose when you act today and get access to my course. Just like the customers above, you too will be absolutely thrilled with your purchase. To make sure of it, I'm backing your purchase up with my 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

When you buy today, all the risk is on me. I'm backing up your investment 100% so you truly risk nothing when you dive in and take action today.

30 day no risk guarantee

After you order, you have a full 30 days to go through and try out my strategies and secrets of the trade and if you feel at any time during those first 30 days this isn't the most complete, easy to follow system on how to effortlessly publish a book you've ever seen, just contact me via email for a swift refund in full. No questions asked, no hard feelings. If you want a refund you got it and we can part as friends.

You might think I'm going to lose a lot of money by offering such a strong guarantee, but that's the risk I'm willing to take. I think my bet is safe though, because I have utmost confidence that my course lives up to everything I have told you on this page, if not more.

I can guarantee that no other course you can buy will teach you how to get your book done more easily, more quickly or cheaply and be a tool you can use to boost your business' revenue or create income streams from scratch.

And who doesn't want that? In just minutes from now you can be on the path to the life of your dreams. You have nothing to lose. You'll never look back. Click the order button below so we can get started now!

Your Risk-Free Acceptance Form

"Yes! Michael, I Want To Become The Next Highly-Paid Effortless Author in 2019 Following Your Simple, Proven Strategies!"

"Yes! Michael, give me instant access to your Effortless Authorship home study course so I can learn the simple system for creating and publishing best selling, money making books effortlessly in 90 days or less!

I understand I'll be getting instant access to a private member area where I'll be getting the 14 part, 3+ hour "Effortless Authorship" audio course which I can listen to online or download to my computer to listen to anywhere, anytime.

I'll also be receiving 6 amazing bonuses that will teach me even more secrets such as "How to organize my book", "How to get my book published Online", "How to market my book", How to get a major book deal with a NY Publishing house", "Most Expensive Mistakes to Avoid" and more.

Let me inside my private members area immediately after I order securely and 100% risk-free for 30 days for the one-time purchase of just...

Regular Retail Price $497

Today Only $97

Hurry, this discount price will not last much longer!

Get Instant Access To Effortless Authorship

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To your success!

Michael Levin

Michael Levin

P.S. You're getting the same insider strategies, personal resources, tips and tricks on book publishing and monetization that I teach my $13,000 per year clients for a one time payment of only $297!

P.P.S. In just a minute from now, you can get access to my best kept secrets that you can use to become the next successful author and finally quit your job, completely risk free.

Click the button to order now and I'll see you on the inside!


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